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St Shanaghan House is a complex for people over the age of 55 who are able to live independently with or without a care package. A safe place where you will have many of the worries of managing accommodation lifted from you. Providing spacious one and two bedroom furnished apartments, which have a fully functioning kitchen, dining and living areas. Each has a fully accessible bathroom with wet floor shower.

  • Are you 55 yrs or over, and living alone in an isolated area?Has your home become too big for you to manage/ too hard to heat?

  • Are you having difficulty with steps or stairs?

  • Did you emigrate abroad when younger but would like to return home now to live?

  • Do you require Supported Housing due to medical or personal circumstances?



St Shanaghan House is run by ASHA CLG (Ardara Sheltered Housing Association) which is a non profit company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. All Board members are unpaid volunteers.

As well as that the charity regulator we are registered with the Irish council for social housing and the Residential Tenancy Board which ensures high standards and protection for tennants. 

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